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This amazing pair of reading glasses has a high quality built in miniature camera and microphone built into the front of the arms of the glasses, this is designed to look just like a tiny screw and is virtually impossible to see the camera and microphone when the user is wearing them

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The camera sees everything the user can see as it faces straight forward with a wide angled camera.
The video and audio cables run from the end of the arms and join at the back, looking just like a glasses straps and run straight down the back of your neck, making it virtually impossible for anybody to suspect these are anything more than just glasses. The lead can then be plugged into any of our video recorders to record straight on to it.

The camera is a high resolution 480tvl CMOS sensor with a wide 60 degree angle of view.
• Video Resolution: 480 TV Lines
• Digital Resolution: NTSC: 720 X 525 (max, 640 X 480 (standard)
• Digital Resolution: PAL: 720 X 625 (max, 640 X 480 (standard)
• Illumination Sensitivity: 4V (Lux • sec)
• Lens F/No: 2.8
• Focal Lens: 0.99 mm
• Lens Diameter: 5.75 mm
• Angel Of View: 60 degree Plus Or Minus 2 degree
• Depth Of Field: 1-10 cm
• Power Supply Voltage: DC 5V
• Power Supply Current: 110 mA
• Video System Swtich: NTSC/PAL
• Dimensions: 5.75 mm X 43.5 mm
• Weight: 20g e microphone has a nearly invisible built in gain switch for both indoor and outdoor use.

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