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Air Freshener Hidden Spy Camera Recorder HD 720p


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This compact air freshener with a built in covert camera and recorder is exclusive to Eyetek these are built in our own workshops.

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Air freshener camera and recorder Spy camera 720P HD

The spy in your Living room, bedroom,work place in fact anyplace you choose. The air freshener case is a standard air freshener purchased from a high street supermarket so there is nothing to indicate this is anything but a normal air freshener.
This compact air freshener product id AFR contains a built in covert camera and recorder which is exclusive to Eyetek as these are manufactured on our premises in Derby.
The air freshener sits inconspicuously wherever you place it and covertly records audio and video on to a micro SD card for later viewing on your computer.
The camera comes ready to go complete with battery, built in charger and micro SD card. This camera is designed for ease of use and can be operated by a single button press.. On the SD card is a programme that can interface with the camera and allow numerous settings to be changed if you so wish although the default settings that we send it out with are suitable for most people.

Video: 1280 x 720 HD, 30 FPS, optional 848 x 480 30 FPS; 640 x 480 30 FPS
H264 compression
Video Format: .AVI) optional Mov
Angle of View - 70 degrees (approx
Supports up to 64GB micro SD card.

Power Consumption
A fully charged battery can record for up to 30 hrs and if used in the motion activation mode it can remain in standby for up to 3 days depending on activity in the area of the camera.
This is using the long life battery the standard battery is approximately 50% less.

Storage consumption ( SD card)
2gb per hour at 1280 X 720 resolution H/D
1gb per hour at 640 x 480 resolution
Please note if you use your own 64 GB micro SD card it needs to be reformatted to FAT32
The battery life quoted is genuine unlike some who claim many days of battery life, this is totally unrealistic as you would find if you tested one.
These are an approximate guide only as many factors can affect both the battery life and the storage consumption such as image content, light levels and temperature

Please note
The setup programme requires window XP or above to run. The Setup programme is required to change settings but it is not needed to view recordings as these can be viewed with any programme that can view AVI files.We can set the unit to record using format which plays in apple quicktime if this is requested at the time of ordering.

Demo Video


Q Does this camera have Audio?
A Yes audio can be recorded along with the video if required

Q How long can it record for in continuous recording mode?
A Around 30 hours using the long life battery 15 hours with the standard battery

Q How do I charge the battery?
A You can charge the battery while it is still connected to the camera by connecting the USB lead to the camera. If you wish to charge the battery much quicker and away from the camera a dedicated Lion battery charger can be purchased see related products below.

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